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All services at the hair salon start with an open conversation between you and your stylist. As you are letting us know about your lifestyle, your daily beauty routine, and how much maintaining you envision, your stylist will be listening with their full attention. Whether you let them know if you have a style in mind, or need help picking one out, your stylist can help by looking at your hair type, face contours, and personal style. In the end, we will come to an agreement of what your style will look like before we ever pick up the scissors.

During the cutting process it is our pleasure to walk you through. Since every persons hair is different-cowlicks, curls, and texture-we will let you know how we are accommodating these things so if the wind blows, your hair will just fall right back into place.

Being able to style your hair at home is extremely important to us. We will show you what products we used and exactly how we blow-dry your hair. Our main goal is to make your hair as effortless as possible.


Textured bob

Its been around for a while, but everyone is still doing a textured bob. Wether mid-neck, shoulder, or just below the shoulders, it’s totally in. Keep in mind, the shorter you go, the faster you feel it needs to be trimmed up. Typically every 6-8 weeks. Texture Spray is a MUST for this cut. This spray makes this style completely effortless. Its like a firm holding hairspray without the sticky or stiff feel. There is a fine line between bob and “mom bob”. To make sure you accomplish this, don’t blow-dry your hair too big or too rounded under.


Coloring your hair can be an amazing form of expression. Whether you want a complete change, or just add a little interest to your look, It can be a great experience. With so many different options, it can be a little intimidating. This is where the expertise of your stylists consultation is key. We will ask questions like: Are you trying to cover gray? Do you feel like your color is too dark or light right now? Do you want a big change or just add shine? With all these answers in mind, we then can look at pictures together to see what colors you do like and which ones you hate. After we decide a color, We will walk your through the process. Do we need to darken your highlights? Or maybe we need to add a different tone. Whatever it is, we will tell you every step we are taking. Afterwords, we can recommend the type of shampoo that will help your
color last the longest and how long to wait before you will need to maintain a fresh color.


So many women over highlight their hair. A highlight should be an enhancement of your natural color and should never distract from your complexion. It will also be a huge amount of maintenance. By adding some lowlights it could make your skin color and eye color just POP out and even make your blondes look blonder. It is important that during every consultation you are completely honest with your stylist on what you do/don’t like and also the history of your hair. This can greatly effect the results we may have. By knowing the past details of your hair, the greater we can tell the results we can achieve with your color.

By balayaging we could add a much softer, natural, low maintenance look. Which is much more in style now. Try only having to keep up only every 4-6 months!

Plus a balayage is completely customized to YOU by letting your stylist hand paint section by section. Want more highlights toward the front? It’s completely customizable. Once the hair is lightened, we can glaze the hair with whatever color suits you. Pink skin tones should go with blonder, ashier look. If you tend to have a yellow skin tone, a deeper golden blonde is what you should avoid.

A balayage or hair painting is more gentle on the hair since you don’t typically use heat. A deep conditioner is still recommended to keep hair silky. We can achieve an ombre style using this same technique but by leaving the base or top hair dark and gradually fading it to lighter ends. This can also be done with any tone you like, blonde, caramel, red, anything.


The problem with coloring hair is that, everyone makes mistakes sometimes but very few stylists know how to correct it. You need to know the science behind hair and hair color to know exactly what will correct the mistake. Whether the hair is too fragile, too light, too dark, too stripy, too orange, too green, we know how to fix it. The goal is to not make the damage or texture worse. We can do this by adding Olaplex to our color formulas and this will provide extreme condition and bonding effects to your hair strand. If your hair is too fragile to provide a color service, we will safely restore your hair back to health. In the end, your hair will be healthy, shiny, and a beautiful color.

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