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To My Amazing Clients...

Just a quick update for you on the salon in light of COVID-19.

As of end of March, the state of North Carolina has mandated hair salons to temporarily shut down until at least May 1st.

While currently you are able to book appointments with me after May 1st – via my booking page – I’m not 100% positive May 1st is going to hold as the date for reopening. We shall see.

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What To Do With Your Hair ‘Til We See Each Other Again?

First, put down the box color!!!

I’m getting tons of questions about what you’re supposed to do about your hair right now.

I’ve been recommending TWO options…

The first option: Use this time to enjoy going maintenance free (that’s what I’m doing).

The second option: If “maintenance free” is a little too adventurous, that’s alright too, I get it. I’ve set up a shop specifically with you in mind.

With my new store, you can still get all of your amazing products – online – while “working from home”.

If you’re concerned about your roots, I’ve added a few root “covers” to get you by until your next visit.

These “root covers” are a much better alternative to that crappy “box color” you see in the stores. Plus, these “covers” won’t ruin all the work we’ve done on your hair.

Check out all of my Root Covers here >>

Worried About ‘Rona

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a little freaked out about the virus. I’ve added a Personal Delivery option you can select during checkout, where I take some extra sanitization precautions that you may appreciate right now, as I hand deliver product to your doorstep.

Read more on the Personal Delivery shipping option here >>

Lastly, I just wanted to remind you to stay safe and let’s stay in touch.

If you need someone to talk to during this very weird period of time, please reach out!

I appreciate all of the support you’ve always given me and look forward hearing your Corona stories when we see each other next.

Heather Salisbury

If you’re a current guest of the salon (meaning you’ve visited before) click here to book your next visit.

Currently, I’m unable to take on any new guests. BUT, I do have waiting list and trust me – I’m worth the wait 🙂  If you’d like to get on the waiting list, fill out THIS FORM and introduce yourself.

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